– Parking 2.0: Silkeborg’s Smart City transformation

Silkeborg aerial photo - 1966

Parking 2.0: Silkeborg's Smart City transformation

Welcome to the transformative Smart Parking project in Silkeborg, where cutting-edge technology has redefined urban mobility and sustainability. Sensade, the leading provider of wireless parking solutions, is working with the city to optimize its parking infrastructure and improve the overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Silkeborg, known for its stunning lakes and natural beauty, faced challenges with its outdated coil technology for parking detection. Sensade stepped in with an innovative approach, implementing wireless parking sensors on each parking stall to ensure accurate and real-time data on parking availability.

In addition to easing the daily struggle of finding parking spaces, the project contributes to a greener and safer city. The integration of smart parking data into urban planning allows the city to make data-driven decisions, optimize parking infrastructure and reduce emissions caused by searching for parking.

The project also tackles the issue of illegal parking, increasing safety for pedestrians and cyclists by detecting and enforcing parking violations in dangerous areas.

Join us as we explore the innovative Smart Parking project in Silkeborg, where technology meets sustainability to create a more accessible, environmentally friendly and harmonious urban environment for everyone.

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Case 1

Coils vs. Sensade

One of the main issues with coil technology is the potential to over- or under-count vehicles. The reliance on entry-only registration exacerbates the problem over time.

As the counting errors accumulate at each entrance and exit, the displayed number of available parking spaces becomes increasingly inaccurate. This snowball effect misrepresents the actual parking situation, misleading drivers and undermining the effectiveness of parking management efforts.

In contrast, Sensade’s solution revolutionizes parking detection with a sensor-per-space approach.

Case 2

Drive. Park. Swim.

The data collected from Sensade’s sensors provides deep insights into the parking patterns around the lakes. Silkeborg Municipality can now analyze peak hours, popular days and seasonal trends.

With this knowledge, the municipality can identify areas where parking spaces may be insufficient during peak periods and help them address potential shortfalls and improve visitor experiences.

Case 3

Safer traffic

Illegally parked cars pose a wide range of dangers to other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Increased safety on the streets is another key aspect of Sensade’s contribution to Silkeborg. Sensors were installed in places where parking is prohibited or dangerous for traffic.

In emergencies, every second counts. Illegally parked cars can hinder the swift movement of emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and fire trucks, to reach their destinations quickly.

"In several places in Silkeborg, we have parking sensors in the asphalt. This gives us insight into the extent of illegal parking and the opportunity to inform citizens about where in the city center there are available parking spaces"

Simon Danielsen
Digitalization Consultant, Technical and Environmental Department

Sensade strengthens Silkeborg's Smart City vision

In its quest to become a Smart City, Silkeborg faced the challenge of expanding its IoT infrastructure to support a range of innovative applications.

The first step was to assess the existing LoRaWAN connection in the city center. Over 1000 measurements were taken at ground level to measure signal strength and identify areas with low coverage.

Sensade delivered a detailed report to Silkeborg that highlighted the current status of LoRaWAN connectivity and potential areas for improvement. Based on this analysis, Sensade recommended strategic locations for additional LoRaWAN gateways. These recommendations are designed to ensure full coverage throughout the city, optimize data transmission and support various IoT applications.

Silkeborg implemented Sensade’s recommendations. The result is a significant improvement in LoRaWAN signal strength throughout the city. The robust IoT network is designed to accommodate a multitude of Smart City applications both now and far into the future.

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