– Aarhus’ IoT-powered parking revolution


Aarhus' IoT-powered parking revolution

As Aarhus welcomes more residents, the demand for parking spaces increases, especially in the busy city center. But with the city’s commitment to preserving its picturesque surroundings and limited space, building more parking spaces becomes an insurmountable challenge. Instead of surrendering to the dilemma, Aarhus embraces a visionary approach: harnessing the power of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to optimize its existing resources and improve the lives of its citizens.

In the midst of this exploration, Aarhus faces its most pressing challenge – parking. The city is looking for a solution that doesn’t compromise its green spaces and heritage, while ensuring that citizens and visitors have a better parking experience. That’s where Sensade, the pioneer in smart parking solutions, enters the scene.

In a groundbreaking partnership, Sensade introduces their wireless parking sensors, a feat of modern engineering that doesn’t require invasive measures. The sensors discreetly adorn sidewalks, and their installation is a seamless process that allows cars to continue parking undisturbed during the installation process and future maintenance.

The solution

Easy to install. Easy to service.

Sensade has successfully delivered the installation of 1,000 parking sensors, marking the delivery of the largest project in Denmark. What sets this installation apart is the revolutionary approach – the sensors are discreetly installed on the sidewalks. This innovation not only ensures seamless installation, but also allows cars to remain parked throughout the process, eliminating inconvenience for drivers.

Sensade takes pride in developing parking solutions that set new standards in the industry. The sensor system is manufactured in Denmark and stands out with its long-lasting battery life and high precision.

Precision is paramount and Sensade’s sensors deliver exceptionally high detection accuracy. This accurate data collection allows Aarhus Municipality to make informed decisions about the future development of their parking infrastructure.

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"The sensors will be used to collect data that can be used to plan parking better. But the plan is also to make it available as open data. Here it may be possible to present citizens where parking spaces are available in real time."

Michael Bloksgaard
Project Manager, Technology and Environment, Aarhus Municipality

Data: the best tool for urban planners

Parking has the potential to significantly impact mobility, local economies and the environment. In urban planning, data is an indispensable tool for making informed decisions that can shape the future of cities.

This is where Sensade’s solution comes into play. The system offers robust data analytics that can shed light on various critical aspects of parking dynamics in Aarhus.

By leveraging this powerful tool, Aarhus Municipality can gain a deeper understanding of the city’s parking landscape, facilitating smarter decisions that optimize resources, alleviate congestion, promote sustainable transportation, and improve overall livability of cities.

Climate strategy

CO2 neutral by 2030

In 2008, Aarhus City Council embarked on an ambitious mission to lead the green transition and establish a carbon-neutral society by 2030. This initiative was a significant contribution to the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It received overwhelming support, with nine out of ten citizens in Aarhus Municipality backing the visionary goals.

A crucial part of the city’s climate action plan is optimizing mobility and transport as a whole. 

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