Budolfi Plads

– Increase revenue through optimized parking lot operations using data.


Operating a parking facility using data

The company Budolfi Plads A/S has invested in the development and reconstruction of Budolfi Plads in the heart of Aalborg. From the start, the vision for Budolfi Plads was to make a positive contribution to local life, and today the square brings together shops, housing and a green space.

Budolfi Plads approached Sensade with a need for advice on the operation of their newly built parking facility and a solution to direct drivers to the site. Through ongoing consulting, Sensade has helped Budolfi Plads optimize operations, choose a pricing structure, and distribute resident licenses and paid spaces.

The parking solution for Budolfi Plads helps drivers find available parking spaces and gives Budolfi Plads a complete overview of parking space utilization.

“Sensade’s platform has been a highly valuable tool in optimising the day-to-day operations in our parking facility underneath Budolfi Plads. Access to data and the development of the product to fit our needs has without a doubt, increased revenues and provided insight to our customer’s needs”

Mikkel Højsleth
Director, Budolfi Plads A/S
The solution

Focal point: data

Through an online tool, Sensade provides ongoing data analysis and parking statistics for the parking facility. Using this, Budolfi Plads can, among other things, review parking behavior across parking types. The parking at Budolfi Plads is divided between standard paid, disabled and motorcycle parking spaces.

Increased revenue
The ongoing statistics give Budolfi Plads a complete overview of parking space utilization. In doing so, the company has gained knowledge about their customers’ needs and optimized the operation of the parking facility accordingly.

Avoided mistakes
Budolfi Plads originally had a strategy to create 30 resident parking spaces where residents could park their cars without restriction for a monthly subscription. In this scenario, the data showed a clear loss of revenue and a worse flow for parkers, and Budolfi Plads decided to change their strategy to avoid revenue loss.


Variation in parking behaviour

Parking behavior at Budolfi Square varies greatly across days and between the different types of parking spaces (standard pay, disabled and motorcycle parking). Additionally, data shows that one Friday does not necessarily show the same parking pattern as any other given Friday. Larger variations in parking patterns on the same days of the week can occur due to events in Aalborg city center, weather conditions or as with the lockdown of large parts of society during Covid-19. The illustration below shows the occupancy rate over 24 hours on two different Fridays.  

The solution

Guidance of drivers

The parking system not only benefits Budolfi Plads, but also helps drivers. Every day, thousands of drivers are directed to available parking spaces in Aalborg city center. The solution has been integrated into Aalborg Municipality’s parking guidance system, where the number of available spaces is displayed in real time through digital parking signs. In addition, drivers can get an overview of parking options with Aalborg City’s app. The data integration was done in a few hours using Sensade’s API.

“Sensade is providing data from Budolfi Plads in Aalborg Municipality’s parking guidance system. The integration required interaction from several systems and Sensade definitely lived up to their part”

Frode Nielsen
Head of department, Aalborg Kommune