Simple data integration

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Data integration

Simple, secure, and flexible. Pull real time data from our API and integrate it to existing guidance systems, parking signs, mobile applications, platforms and more.

data integration api


We use the standard in data integration. Pull data through our RESTful API.

Loads of data

We store all data. Get access to many valuable data types and millions of data points in real time.

Used by

Sensade’s API is, amongst others, used by Aalborg Municipality in their parking guidance system.

Possible integrations


Visualise our parking data, directly in GIS-platforms that are used for mapping and urban planning in the municipality.

Parking signs

Integrate live data on existing digital parking signs. Guide drivers to available parking spots with a better alternative to the parking coil.

Parking app

Through the parking app or on the municipality’s website. Give the citizens access to information about where and when it is the easiest to find an available parking spot.

Road temperature

Get road temperature integrated in systems managing icy weather conditions. Optimise salting of roads with additional sources of data from bicycle lanes or other exposed areas.