– An efficient guidance system solves traffic challenges and reduces search traffic.


Traffic challenges

The City Hall in Glostrup Municipality acts as a link between citizens and the municipality. However, Glostrup Municipality has experienced a traffic challenge with the number of parking spaces in the area, which is why drivers often drive in vain for a parking space. When the City Hall parking lot is fully occupied, it means a detour of half a kilometer for every driver who drives into the area in vain. After the redevelopment of some parking spaces at the nearby train station, the municipality noticed an increasing pressure on parking in the area around the city hall.

the solution

Sensade solves the problem

Glostrup Municipality chose Sensade to solve their traffic challenges. With the help of sensor data, drivers can now see in advance if there are available spaces in the area and avoid driving in vain to find a free parking spot.

Digital guidance
The solution for Glostrup Municipality differentiates between the different time limits and handicap parking spaces. The data is displayed at the entrance of the parking area on both sides of the road, allowing drivers to save time and avoid the frustration of not being able to find an available parking spot.

Since the installation, the time restrictions in the parking area have been changed to improve the flow of parking. The visualization of parking options on the digital solution is customized using remote control of the LED screens.

Sensade Digital Guidance Sign

"It's beneficial to display whether it makes sense to enter the area at all. And we have a shortage of parking spaces in the area, so more efficient management of search traffic is definitely a plus."

Carsten Simonsen
Center for Environment and Technology
The solution

Clear overview. Better flow.

The graphs below show the average parking occupancy at the city hall in Glostrup Municipality. The data is collected over a longer period of time, so the illustration shows what a typical week looks like.

The illustration shows clear trends. From Monday to Wednesday, the parking area is full from 9, later the occupancy decreases around 14. On Thursdays, drivers leave the area at 17 and on Fridays at 13. Finally, it can be seen that there is no significant activity at the city hall on weekends.

City Hall opening hours

Monday – Wednesday: 9.30 – 14.00
Thursday: 9.30 – 17.30
Friday: 9.30 – 13.30
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

By comparing the occupancy and the city hall’s opening hours, we can see that the parking area is primarily used by citizens visiting the city hall, citizen services or the job center located at the address.

But it wasn’t always like that.

Glostrup Municipality has changed the time restrictions to prevent drivers from using the area as long-term parking before taking the train from the nearby station. The initiative is working and the municipality has created a better flow for citizens visiting the town hall.