Guide drivers with reliable data


Overview from your pocket

Traffic reduction

Direct drivers to available parking spaces and reduce up to 30% of traffic. Reduce traffic density and CO₂ emissions.

Help drivers

Help drivers and reduce the time it takes to find a free parking space. Save society millions.

Curb parking

We guide to curb parking, disabled spaces, charging stations and other specific parking spaces.

Digital overview

In seconds, drivers get an overview of available parking spaces in the city. Click on the parking lot and be directed to the area.


Tailored wayfinding system

Montering på væg
Montering på pæl

Digital parking signs

Close collaboration ensures the optimal guidance for drivers. The digital parking signs are customized as needed, and our solution enables integration of data into existing guidance systems.

Open protocol

Communication to the signs is based on an open and secure protocol. We ensure that other technologies can be integrated and future suppliers can access the solution in the easiest way possible.