– Parking innovation on campus: DTU’s success story 


Efficiency over expansion

In a visionary move that underlines their commitment to sustainability and efficient use of resources, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) chose to optimize their existing parking infrastructure rather than following the traditional path of building more parking spaces.

This strategic decision, combined with the implementation of Sensade’s innovative parking solution, has provided numerous environmental benefits while improving the overall parking experience.

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Improving the parking experience

DTU’s campus app features a dynamic parking module powered by Sensade’s technology. With this integration, all drivers on campus have access to a complete overview of their parking options.

With the DTU Campus App’s parking feature, users get instant access to real-time parking data across campus. The app collects data from the discrete wireless sensors installed by Sensade and offers a live map of available parking spaces. This information allows users to make informed decisions and go directly to available parking spots.

In addition, users get an overview of disabled parking spaces and charging points on the DTU campus.

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Complete online overview of parking behavior

Before: Before implementing the parking solution, DTU lacked a holistic understanding of how their parking spaces were utilized. The lack of real-time parking occupancy data made it difficult for them to effectively allocate parking resources to students, teachers and visitors.

After: With access to accurate and up-to-date parking behavior data provided by Sensade’s solution, DTU gains valuable insights into how their parking spaces are being used. This data-driven approach enables them to make informed strategic decisions regarding future planning of their parking infrastructure and spaces.


Preserving green spaces and biodiversity

The introduction of Sensade’s wireless parking sensors further emphasized DTU’s commitment to environmental conservation. The unobtrusive nature of these sensors allowed them to be seamlessly installed in existing parking lots without disturbing the surrounding trees and natural elements.

This innovative approach upheld DTU’s vision of a sustainable campus that harmoniously integrates modern technological solutions with nature.