– From problematic parking pressure and occupied parking spaces to improved parking options using sensor data.

"We had a need to get information about parking behavior in Lemvig. Through Sensade's platform, we can now visualize how drivers use the parking spaces in the city. It's a tool we will use actively in the Technical and Environmental Department in connection with planning the city's development and to look at the possibilities for improving the parking situation for citizens, visitors and tourists."

Hanne Underbjerg
Department Manager Park and Road, Lemvig Municipality
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Problematic parking pressure

Many Danish cities are experiencing challenges related to their parking situation, with residents, visitors and tourists alike feeling the challenges of finding a free parking space.

This also applies to the West Jutland town of Lemvig, which has seen an increase in parking pressure in the town center in recent years. As a city, Lemvig also experiences a large variation in parking occupancy throughout the year, as the city is visited by many tourists every year during the summer months.

Based on this, Lemvig Municipality had a desire to organize urban planning that could optimize their parking situation.

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The solution

Smart Parking

Sensade has delivered a Smart Parking solution that solves the parking challenges in Lemvig. The solution consists of installing small wireless sensors on all parking spaces in the city center. The sensors are at the heart of an improved parking situation, which Lemvig has achieved through the following three steps:

Lemvig has installed an IoT network that allows each of the parking spaces to communicate with the internet. With this installation, Lemvig has the opportunity to set other Smart City projects in motion and become a city that can make better decisions and anticipate problems through collected data and proactively solve them.

Parking analysis
Lemvig Municipality’s Technical and Environmental Administration has gained access to Sensade’s data analysis platform. This gives the municipality a complete overview of the parking situation and insight into how parking spaces are used by drivers. Through ongoing parking analysis, we help Lemvig with their parking problem by pinpointing how and where they can improve their parking.

Parking guidance
Using the parking sensors, Lemvig Municipality will actively use data to guide drivers directly to available parking spaces in the city’s 19 parking areas. In addition to helping drivers find available parking spaces, the solution will reduce search traffic and tons of Co2 emissions.


Parking overview. Digitally.

Lemvig Municipality receives ongoing data analysis through Sensade’s online platform. Download the parking report here:


Reduce search traffic

Optimal urban planning and driver guidance will help create a better parking situation in Lemvig. Our goal is to reduce the increasing pressure on infrastructure. It is estimated that the total search traffic in Lemvig costs society every year:

400 t
100000 +
driving hours
0 mio
searched km.