– Data analysis provides in-depth insights that are translated into offering parking garage users the best possible service.


From coil plan to a better and more valuable alternative

As Europe’s largest parking operator, servicing more than 1500 parking facilities in Denmark, APCOA Parking knows a thing or two about parking. In order to guide drivers to the company’s parking facility in Aarhus at Magasin on Åboulevarden, APCOA’s plan was to install a coil that could count passing cars at the entrance to the parking garage. A traditional solution, but one that could be replaced by a smarter alternative: Sensade’s wireless parking sensors and data analytics platform.

The solution

Parking guidance

For APCOA’s parking area in Aarhus near Magasin, Sensade has delivered a parking solution that measures whether each parking space is occupied or free. Using the solution, the number of available parking spaces is calculated and sent to the digital parking sign at the entrance of the parking area.

APCOA needed a discreet wayfinding system that could guide drivers to the parking area without crossing the roadway. Sensade’s digital parking signs were therefore customized as needed, so APCOA ended up with a flag-mounted solution based on an LED panel.

"Sensade's solution is an interesting alternative to the coil. Through Sensade's platform, we receive valuable data analytics to see how parkers use the parking space. The data helps us to understand our customers' needs, so we can offer the best service."

Per Bjerregaard-Andersen
GIS Manager, APCOA PARKING Danmark A/S

Coil vs Sensade

For municipalities and private operators alike, the coil has been the only way to detect cars for many years. But that’s no longer the case: Sensade offers a smarter and more valuable solution.

In connection with the installation of a coil, it will be necessary to dig up the asphalt at the entrance to the parking area, which will result in the area being closed off for the duration of the installation work. Installation of Sensade’s solution takes less than 1 minute per cubicle and the barrier will only cover the individual space for the seconds of installation.

Several municipalities and private operators mention a daily manual calibration of the count when a coil is used in the field. For example, if APCOA had chosen to install a coil in their parking area in Aarhus by Magasin, passing cars on the road would affect the measurements – and this could result in a snowball effect. Such exponential counting error is avoided with Sensade’s solution, as the sensors measure on each individual stall.

Data analysis
In some cases, a coil can provide access to the occupancy rate at the parking area. With Sensade’s solution, APCOA has gained access to a complete overview of parking behavior with access to continuous data analysis based on up to 7 data types, such as average parking time or lost capacity. In particular, the Sensade solution enables companies like APCOA, among others, to visualize data across parking types [se data].